Principal's Welcome



As Principal, on behalf of our school community, I warmly welcome you and your family to St Anthony’s Parish Primary School. A place of learning excellence, where every child is nourished and develops under our core vision of Faith, Belonging and Learning. In the heart of the beautiful Tuggeranong Valley, St Anthony’s Parish Primary is a vibrant school with approximately 440 students. With picturesque surrounds, including a state-of-the-art Early Learning Centre, the school has well-established and spacious grounds, contemporary and welcoming learning spaces and areas of opportunity for each child to feel safe, centred and challenged.

A place where children’s lives are transformed through learning and our staff and teachers aim to create a sense of belonging for each child.

St Anthony’s is blessed with dynamic, professional and caring staff who remain at the forefront of current educational practice. Together with the support of our families, staff are passionate and skilled educators who encourage the ongoing development of each individual to prepare them to be lifelong learners in the 21st century. We value the partnership between staff, parents and the Parish, we are an inclusive school embracing Catholic values and faith. We build respectful relationships through understanding and, challenge contemporary learners to seek excellence. We welcome Parents and Carers to be a part of their child’s education and embrace opportunities for family engagement in a variety of ways.

Our school theme for 2023 is ‘Planted in the house of the Lord; they flourish'. I feel incredibly blessed and privileged to be leading such a wonderful community. I kindly invite you to contact our office to discuss enrolment processes and learn more about the extensive opportunities we can provide for your child and the future of their education.

I look forward to meeting you.

Erin Marmont

Our Staff 


Erin Marmont

Assistant Principal

Garreth Wigg

ELC Director

Bec MacKay

Religious Education Coordinator

Beth Lehmensich

Curriculum Coordinators

Bernadette Whitfield and Shannon Henry


Sophie Hall, Caitlin Brown

Year 1

Maddie Waye, Kara Flood

Year 2

Shannon Henry, Brianna White, Amanda Winne

Year 3

Tracey Adamson, Vicki Beisener, Katherine Eastick, Monika Richards

Year 4

Sasha Daunt, Susannah Wilson, Ben McDevitt

Year 5

Angie Kisiel, Bernadette Ephraums, Joe McGrath

Year 6

Laura Stankovic, Heather Naylor

STA Teachers

Ben Lowe, Jo Dufelmeier, Lisa Daly, Simon VanMeurs, Jasprit Girgla

PE Teacher

Josh McGrath

Italian Teacher

Ben Mockler

School Secretary

Sarah Waller

Office Support

Anissa Symington

Finance Secretary

Katie Akers

Classroom Support Teacher

Bernadette Whitfield

Classroom Support Assistants

Annette Smith, Jenny Staltari, Angela Ryan, Nicole Diggle, Lea-anne Blanch, Grace Balubun, Thushari Sumanaweera, Helen Philippa, Nancy Buckley, Jo Queripel, Karen Carmody, Gabby Waller, Sarah Cunneen

Wellbeing Teacher

Beth Lehmensich

Learning Hub & Curriculum Teacher

Kelly Mara

Youth Minister

Holly Coggan


Danielle Smith

Digital & Design Technologies Teachers

Ben Lowe, Ben Mockler, Simon vanMeurs and Garreth Wigg

OOSCA Director

Assistant Director

Necta Gianakis

Janice Stefanuti


Patience Way


Maree Alchin


Rod Smith