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ELC - Ordered Year Books

Did you order a 2020 Year Book?  They are here to collect!  

You can pick these up between 9am-3pm Monday and Tuesday next week, otherwise next year when school resumes.  

-The ELC Team

ELC - Newsletter Term 4 : Issue 5

Click here to view the last St Anthony’s Early Learning Centre Newsletter for 2020!

Primary - Final Morning Assembly

Dear Parents and Carers,

To be able to say thank you and farewell to your child’s teacher this year, as well as farewell leaving staff, parents and carers are welcome and invited to attend the final school morning assembly, on school grounds, tomorrow at 8.55am.  Please ensure that you enter via the school foyer and sign and sanitise your hands.  Please maintain social distancing of 2 metres from others and stand to the back or side of the assembly.  Also please do not venture to classrooms and other parts of the school. You are required to leave the school after the assembly.  In the event of rain, you can farewell leaving staff in the hall.

Kind regards,

Greg Walker

December 17 Newsletter

Click here to view the December 17 Schoolzine eNewsletter!

Year 5 & 6 Handover Ceremony - ZOOM Link

Dear Year 5 and 6 Parents and Carers,

While we were praying for a clear morning, we have consulted a number of weather apps that showed 90-100% chance of rain and a chance of thunderstorms.  Unfortunately will be moving our handover ceremony indoors this morning. This means that no parents or carers will be able to attend the gathering as we do not have an indoor space large enough to hold that many adults. We are obviously disappointed that we cannot have parents present for this event.

Below is a Zoom link for you to connect to the ceremony remotely. 

We appreciate your understanding.

Greg Walker

ELC - Fees and statements update


Dear ELC Families,

A big thank you to everyone who has paid their fees.

We will send an updated statement this morning if you have an amount outstanding - if you don't receive anything you are all paid up.

Unfortunately with the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) only being an estimate, this could change. For most families, this week and next (if your child is attending the school holiday program) is still an estimate. The actual amount for last week should have been confirmed on your statement this morning.

(To check this, head towards the last pages of your statement. Under 'Account Transactions', any amounts that are bold and underlined are an estimate. Any amounts in normal text are actuals. If you compare statements from different date ranges you may notice that the estimated amount and the actual amount in later statements vary.)

If your child is absent for any of their last day/s - unfortunately we will most likely also have to update these charges to full fees. Please see here for more information.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Many thanks,

The ELC Team

Year 5 and 6 Handover Ceremony

Dear Year Five and Six Parents and Carers,

This Thursday, 17th December, we will be holding our Year Five and Six Handover Ceremony at 10am on the school oval.
We warmly invite a maximum of two adults from each Year Five and Six family to join us for the ceremony.


- We ask that all visiting family members enter the school via the gate at the end of the gravel path between the ELC and Nature Play. The gate will open at 9:45am.

- All adults will need to register using the CBR app, or if you do not have the app, there will be a paper sign in option available.

- Please sanitise your hands on entry and again when you leave.

- The whole school will be joining us, so siblings will be present and will sit with their own class. (This includes the ELC).

- There will be limited shade so we ask that you all be mindful of sun protection measures. Hats are encouraged. Umbrellas are welcome, but we ask that you sit at the back of the adults to avoid obstructing the view.

- If you would like to take your child/ren home following the ceremony, you are welcome to, however, you will need to sign them out at the Front Office before leaving with them.

Inclement Weather:

- There is rain forecast for Thursday. If it is raining we will make a call on the morning and an SZapp message will be sent at 8am to notify parents.

- Unfortunately, we do not have an indoor space big enough to host one parent from each family, so in the event of rain, no parents will be able to attend in person and we will send out a Zoom link for families to connect to the ceremony at 10am.

Please pray for clear weather on Thursday morning.

Greg Walker

ELC - Family Picnic this evening


Dear ELC Families,

Thank you for your RSVPs - we are very excited for our celebrations early this evening.

Please come to the front of the ELC on arrival as we will get families to sign-in using the 'Check in CBR' app which you can download in preparation here:

We will have a small amount of shade and some sunscreen if needed (who knows with this weather!) - please bring clothing and protection for all kinds of weather.

See you soon,

The ELC Team

P & F News

Please see the attached news from our P & F


Canteen Roster Week 10

CANTEEN ROSTER:  6231 4022 Maree Alchin (Manager)

WEEK 10 

Tues 15/12      Megan Doherty 9-12

Weds 16/12     Kristy Martin 9-12

Thurs 17/12     HELP NEEDED 9-12

Fri 18/12          Karen Carmody 9-2, Carole Coulton 9-2, Ed D 9-10.30, Rachel Esler 9-10.30, Mary Russell 9-12, Bec Callaway 11.30-2,

WEEK 1 TERM 1 2021

Tues 2/2          Help Needed 9-12

Weds 3/2         Kristy Bell 9-12

Thurs 4/2         Carole Coulton 9-2

Fri 5/2              Rachel Esler 9-10.30, Ed 9-10.30, Di Young 9-2, Naomi Freeman 11.30-2