2022 Preschool Orientation Online

As much as this is a nice welcome video that we have created for families and children it can also be used as a tool to support your child's transition to preschool. 
We recommend watching this together with your child multiple times prior to preschool starting and discussing what is happening in the video and how this might look for your child.
Some examples of conversation could be;
  • 'See the children in their uniform, you will get to wear one just like that' 
  • 'When we drop you off in the morning you'll walk through the big front door with your schoolbag on down to your classroom'
  • 'Wow look at those children playing with the _____, do you think you might like to play with them too?/what would you like to play with at Preschool?'.

Orientation Information Part 1 - Curriculum and Learning

Orientation Information Part 2 - Administration


Orientation Information Part 3 - Our Team

Further Information and Forms

The forms below must be completed and returned by 10 December 2021:

Form: To Be Completed by:


Preschool 2022 - Local Area Outings Permission Form

All families

Hard copy (please scan/photograph and email back)

Debit Success Direct Debit Form

All families


Preschool 2022 - Permission to Collect Form

Families who wish to nominate people other than those already on the enrolment form to drop off or collect their child 

Hard copy

Medical Risk Minimisation Plan

Families of children who have a medical condition (allergy, anaphylaxis, asthma, food intolerance etc.)

Click the link above for informational videos, ebooks and documents to support the transition to Preschool, separation anxiety and recipes and lunchbox ideas.